Selling with a Greene Agent

Selling your home can be a daunting undertaking, perhaps even surpassing the task of buying it to begin with. You have to prepare your home for photos and showings, find a real estate agent, maybe execute some small upgrades to help it sell, develop a marketing strategy to bring in buyers, review and select the best offer, navigate the transaction, close the sale, and transfer possession.

Greene Realty agents take the stress off of your shoulders by making the selling process as seamless as possible, guiding you every step of the way. When you need our help reviewing offers, or if you just need a recommendation for a moving company or the best U-Haul shop around, we will be here to guide you. We always aim to sell your property for the highest net proceeds in the shortest amount of time with unmatched integrity and service.


Greene Realty agents are collaborative advisors, who instill in you the confidence you need to make educated decisions when selling your home.


Do I really need an agent to sell my home?

To the do-it-myself-er...

To the do-it-myself-er...

With the easy access you have to information online and the countless tutorials out there on how to sell your home, you may be wondering whether it’s worth hiring an agent. But nothing can beat the hands-on experience and detailed knowledge real estate agents bring to the process. Because, what happens when something goes wrong? That's what your agent is there for. To fight for you when times get tough.

Greene Realty agents execute transactions every day and have years of experience under their belts. Our team has developed extensive market expertise along with law and contract knowledge to help you navigate the process of selling your home with ease. We have an extensive professional network and top negotiation skills to help you get the most you can for your home. 

Oh the time you will save...

Oh the time you will save...

Perhaps the most alluring benefit of having a real estate agent for many people is the amount of time you’ll save. Instead of spending your time juggling life and selling a house, you can let our real estate agents do the work for you. Our team is completely dedicated to combing over data on local home sales to properly price your property, developing a marketing strategy that will gain the interest of qualified buyers, and manage the transaction until its time to close.

Professional Evaluation...

Professional Evaluation...

Beware: Don’t just list your home at the market value that you see on large real estate search engines' estimates. The algorithms used to determine those values sometimes cannot keep up with the speed and volatility of the market, not having seen your property personally. When you work with a real estate agent who is in a large office of other agents, like Greene Realty agents, they hear about home pricing decisions and offers coming in for various types of properties on the market, day in and day out. Not to mention the countless homes they have walked through personally.

Behind the scenes at Greene Realty is a healthy, growing community of real estate professionals who share their knowledge with one another freely. This community resource that a Greene Realty agent has, is incredibly valuable when determining how to advise you on the price you should list your home. While you may work with just one of us, you gain knowledge and resources from ALL of us.


Other Selling Considerations


Finding the right price to sell your home right out of the gate is crucial. There is nothing like the first market buzz and the attention you receive shortly after you bring your home to market. The longer your home is on market, the harder it will be to gain the attention of new buyers who haven't seen your property. Our agents combine for over 600+ years of experience and frequently use each other for pricing recommendations.


Your home’s condition is key to making sure you receive full market value. Making some small upgrades and repairs to your home, especially in the bathroom and kitchen, can go a long way toward increasing the value of your home, leading to a good return on your greatest investment.


Presentation is a cornerstone principle to listing your home. Staging your home well for open houses and using professional photographers and videographers for visual marketing assets will also help ensure your space looks appealing and welcoming. Greene Realty agents have a list of the best photographers and videographers in their market.


Working to emphasize the positives of your property’s location will go a long way toward getting you the price you think your home deserves. We take the time to understand the neighborhood and/or community your property lies within and its surrounding amenities to justify listing price.


Timing is a tricky and different answer for every seller. At Greene Realty we listen to you first. As a seller, your confidence in this transaction is our first priority and we are here to instill market knowledge and reliability when bringing your home to market so that together, we can make the best decision possible of when to list. We consistently and consciously serve you for your reason of bringing your property to market.

Your Home’s Marketing Journey


Your Greene Realty agent is uniquely trained and experienced in preparing a property for sale. When your agent meets with you to deliver a comparative market analysis (CMA - Estimation of value of your home) they will be happy to start to make suggestions as to what we should focus on to get the most value out of your home. These focus points will include: listing price, repairs & renovations, cleanliness, and curb appeal just to name a few.



Having a professional photographer photograph your home is the single most impactful marketing effort we can make to gain the attention of potential buyers. The better the photos, the greater number of interested buyers. All Greene Realty agents have a list of the best photographers in the area for us to choose from. Other than getting the best photos we possibly can to help your listing shine in a competitive market, our marketing department will help advise your agent on how we should tailor your marketing package to best present your home whether that be staging, aerial photography, videography, 3D tours and more!


Planning & Executing

At Greene Realty Group, our in-house marketing department sets us apart from other brokerages in town. Besides your real estate agent, there are at least four individuals who will approve your listing and help bring it to market behind the scenes. Two of which are the listing coordinator and the transaction coordinator. The other two are full-time marketing strategy professionals with photography and graphic design experience, who are there to advise you and your agent with listing marketing tactics. These professionals are there to develop any marketing materials your home needs to sell no matter how unique it is! Having this all done in-house at our brokerage ensures a faster, more efficient, thorough launch of your home onto the market.


Listing Day

What can you expect the day we bring your home to market? Listing day is the day we put the sign and flyers in your yard. So you can expect a lot of texts from your neighbors that day. The second thing is fast, accurate, supervised digital distribution. The redistribution of your home's listing throughout the NWMLS's database populates all real estate websites with your home's listing. Meaning, within 30 minutes or less of your property hitting the market, your home will be seen on Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, and many more! We make sure your home is looking beautiful and properly listed on all of them.


After Listing

Within the first week of listing, you can expect us to run a social media ad for your home throughout Thurston County, resupply any flyers that have been taken, and keep you up to date on feedback from any showings. In weeks to follow, we will provide you with marketing reports that will show you how your home is performing on the digital market. If we are not seeing the amount of traction and attention we would like to see, the marketing department will work with your agent to adapt our strategy to bring more buyer attention to your property.


Committed Service

Abide by the REALTOR code of ethics in all dealings.
Place a “For Sale” sign on your property.
Follow up with interested prospects and agents.
Use the Northwest Multiple Listing Service and other sources to show you how much buyers are paying for properties like yours.
Prepare a custom flyer for distribution.
Provide marketing reports to keep you informed about our marketing strategy’s effectiveness.
Help you compute your estimated net proceeds.
Advertise your property and conduct open houses.
Promptly present and advise you on all offers.
Develop a robust marketing strategy unique to the needs of your property.
Promote your property on
Explain the closing process.
Review marketing strategies with sellers.
Qualify buyers before showing them your home.
Coordinate loan approval, inspections, repairs, and appraisals.
Be available for showings.
Establish escrow and follow through to closing.

Interested in a free market analysis?

Have a real person who knows the area estimate the value of your home. Automated valuation models rarely get it right. Have a Greene agent estimate your property value in-person.