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We partner with other local small businesses and non profits to tell their stories, grow our professional networks, and utilize each other's strengths for the health of our local community. Just check out our community stories below to see for yourself! We greatly value serving one another and giving more than we take. We love working with members of our community who have the same values!

Lynch Creek Farm

How can local community grow sustainably without compromising local values? Lynch Creek Wreaths seems to do it perfectly. Sustainably sourcing materials, and working hard to listen to the community year after year. We are so excited to announce our final #GRGcommunitystory of 2019 with one of our community's most hard working local businesses, Lynch Creek Farm!

Learn more about Lynch Creek Farm HERE.

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Schilter Family Farm

When you buy a pumpkin in the Fall or a tree for the holidays you might be looking for just that, but at Schilter Family Farm they take it so much further. Schilter Family Farm is owned and operated by a local Thurston County family FOR families across the PNW. They aren't just a place that sells pumpkins or trees, they are a destination for fun, excitement, and joy that fills the atmosphere almost every day during the fall. Here's a look inside Schilter Family Farm!

Learn more about Schilter Family Farm HERE.

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Boys & Girls Clubs Of Thurston County

Where do kids go after school? For many in our community it's not as simple as just "going home." Families often have work and aren't home after school for a few hours. This is why Boys & Girls Clubs of Thurston County is SO important in our community, because they offer a safe place for kids to go after the school day. These clubs offer places that go far beyond just an "after school-school" and it's so apparent that Thurston County has something very special with this organization. Please take a look at what the CEO Chris Woods has to say! Greene Realty is so blessed to participate with BGCTC!

Learn more about Boys & Girls Clubs Of Thurston County HERE.

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Thurston County Food Bank

The Thurston County Food Bank is a publicly funded, non-profit organization that has helped the Thurston County community fight hunger for almost 50 years. Greene Realty has been honored to help volunteer over the last decade because we stand by the "neighbor helping neighbor" motto, as the best way to further the growth of this great community! We are proud to share this story and continue to work towards a thriving Thurston County!

Learn more about Thurston County Food Bank HERE.

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Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.

There's something very special about Thurston County and the people that makeup the community. Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. is a part of that special community. Started in 2005 with a desire to provide better coffee and to develop a deeper connection with those who make it, Olympia Coffee Roasting has achieved great success locally and worldwide positioning itself as a staple among the community. Please enjoy a wonderful look at part of their story.

Learn more about Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. HERE.

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South Puget Sound Habitat For Humanity

South Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity started its journey in 1989 and has created countless homes for many families throughout the Thurston County community. Their mission to provide affordable housing is continuing stronger than ever before. Throughout the years, we have been honored to give back both financially and through the community for Habitat and today we are honored yet again to showcase the incredible work Habitat does for our community!

Learn more about South Puget Sound Habitat For Humanity HERE.

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The Valley Athletic Club

Greene Realty Group is excited to present our latest Community Story! The Valley Athletic Club has been an active community partner working to keep our minds and bodies healthy and strong for more than 30 years. Hear from longtime members and employees about what it means to be a part of The Valley family.

Learn more about The Valley Athletic Club HERE.

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Cutters Point Coffee

Greene Realty Group had the opportunity to sit down with Rhyan Smith, the local owner of two Cutters Point Coffee locations. We talked a little bit about Rhyan's investments in the community and what Cutters Point is all about.

Learn more about Cutters Point Coffee HERE.

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Panowicz Jewelers

Greene Realty Group is excited to present our first installment of local Community Stories! Greene is proud to be a part of such a wonderful community and we wanted to highlight some of the other great local businesses and tell a story that may not be heard very often. | This month Leslie Panowicz Ceesay from Panowicz Jewelers expresses what it's like to take over a family business that's so well known in the community.

Learn more about Panowicz Jewelers HERE.

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