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We partner with other local small businesses and non profits to tell their stories, grow our professional networks, and utilize each other's strengths for the health of our local community. Just check out our community stories below to see for yourself! We greatly value serving one another and giving more than we take. We love working with members of our community who have the same values!

Featured Business

Athena Fitness and Wellness: A Place to Grow

This month's Community Story focuses on Athena Fitness and Wellness, a locally owned fitness center that focuses on a holistic approach to wellness for women. Founder and Co-Owner Tiffany Jones opened Athena just before the pandemic hit.

Learn more about Athena Fitness and Wellness: A Place to Grow HERE.

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Firehouse 5: Caring for our Heroes

Firefighting isn't just a profession for many in the fire service. It's a way of life. Once they retire, it can be hard to adjust to life without the fire station.

Learn more about Firehouse 5: Caring for our Heroes HERE.

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The Story of Greene Giving

The Greene Giving Fund has been a foundational piece of the Greene Realty Group since it was first conceived in 2015. Since then, the agents and staff at the Greene Realty Group have granted more than $60,000 to two dozen local nonprofits.

Learn more about The Story of Greene Giving HERE.

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The Olympia Downtown Alliance

Every downtown needs a good team to make it great, and our town has an amazing group in the Olympia Downtown Alliance. 

Learn more about The Olympia Downtown Alliance HERE.

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#GRGCommunityStory | Puget Sound Esturaium | Olympia, WA

The Puget Sound is what makes the Northwest unique. The robust sea life, stunning views, and vibrant ecosystem offer people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds a rare opportunity to learn more about the environment around them. Since 2007, Puget Sound Estuarium has been fostering these opportunities, by providing multiple programs that allow the community to explore, connect, and be inspired by the beauty of the Puget Sound area.

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Rods and Reels in Need

The organization is called Rods and Reels in Need its goal is to collect gently used or new fishing equipment to donate to veterans, kids, and those who can't afford it and want to get into fishing. The project was started by Larry Stamp who grew up fishing with his dad growing up on a naval base where gear was limited. They're hoping to collect enough donations to be able to give a rod and reel to any veteran and child who needs one. If you have any old rods or reels lying around, this is a great way to put them to good use! We currently have a lot of rods, but little reels.  

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