Firehouse 5: Caring for our Heroes

Greene February 1, 2023

Firefighting isn't just a profession for many in the fire service. It's a way of life. Once they retire, it can be hard to adjust to life without the fire station.

That's why a group of retired local firefighters started Firehouse 5, a nonprofit organization that allows retired (and even some active) firefighters to stay connected by working on vintage vehicles from the fire service.


"We have a lot of people who spent years and years in the service, and as they move on we lose that institutional knowledge," former Fire Chief and current Firehouse 5 member Larry Dibble explains. "We're trying to recoup that here, not only by having the old fire engines but also keeping the traditions alive."

The group of firefighters meets at the beginning of every week for what they call "Motor Mondays" to chat about their lives and work on vintage fire engines that are used for other community events. 


"When you work in the fire service, you're spending a third of your life with these people," Firehouse 5 member Frank Spickelmire says. "You risk your life alongside these people. You very, very close to these people. Firehouse 5 is really a way of staying in contact with that alternative family you've grown accustomed with and did so much with throughout your adult life."

You can find out more about Firehouse 5 by clicking here and visiting their Facebook page. 


Written by: Greene