Athena Fitness and Wellness: A Place to Grow

Stacey Gravett
Stacey Gravett March 3, 2023

This month's Community Story focuses on Athena Fitness and Wellness, a locally owned fitness center that focuses on a holistic approach to wellness for women. Founder and Co-Owner Tiffany Jones opened Athena just before the pandemic hit.

After surviving the last two years, the gym now thrives because of its connection with those they serve and its mission of empowering women through community.


Athena offers its patrons multiple avenues to pursue physical and emotional wellness. The team of trainers and nutritionists at Athena offer workout classes throughout the day, work with their clients to establish good eating habits and offer unique items like their salt room and massage therapy. 

For Tiffany, it all points to one major thing...

"Our mission is to build community," she says. "We're using fitness to do that."

Athena is an amazing example of the great things that people in our community can do for others. Visit their website to learn more about the wellness center or some of their upcoming classes. 


Stacey Gravett
Written by: Stacey Gravett