Three Amazing Food Truck Areas in Olympia

Greene January 13, 2023

Food trucks have become a staple in the culinary industry. The quick service and convenience of handheld food have turned these once-rare businesses into a steady industry, and no metropolitan area today would be complete without them. Olympia is no different. Our community has some fantastic spots for the on-the-go brilliance of food truck fare. 



The Port Taco Truck & Cantina

Located off Marvin Road in Hawke's Prairie, the Port is a part of the exciting new Lacey development and brings a charming addition to the up-and-coming area. 

The quaint restaurant provides guests with a range of options from burritos to street tacos and is even equipped with a full bar. The coolest twist comes the moment you walk through the door. Patrons are greeted by a full-sized and completely operational taco truck inside the restaurant, reminding guests that the Port is not just another brick-and-mortar taco joint. 



Filling Station Food Trucks

On the corner of Eastbay Drive and 4th Avenue lies a group of food trucks that are sure to please the taste buds of any variety. This tiny pocket of mobile restaurants houses Latin food, a food truck specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, and a colorful taco truck filled with delicious plates from south of the border. 

When you're done, you can stop by the Filling Station (a charming coffee shop converted from an actual vintage filling station) and get a coffee for the road. 



California Tacos (Harrison Avenue)

The Harrison Avenue area is a perfect spot for a taco truck, which is why the perfect taco truck has found a home in the community. California Tacos has become a staple in the culinary universe of Olympia, bringing classics like street tacos and chimichangas to a neighborhood filled with great local restaurants. 


Enjoy Your Food to Go

Whether you're visiting the area or just looking for a delicious handheld option on your lunch break, food trucks are the perfect vehicle for getting great food quickly. These mobile units have become a charming part of the fabric of Olympia and can provide delicious platters quickly. Next time you're hungry and looking for a unique experience, visit any of these food trucks and you won't be disappointed. 



Written by: Greene