The Best Olympia Neighborhoods for Trick-or-Treating

Greene October 27, 2022
best neighborhoods in olympia

It's that time of year again. Thousands of kids across the Olympia area will throw on their favorite costumes, don their best heavy jackets, and brave the dark for buckets of free candy, accompanied by parents who struggle to stay warm throughout the evening. Halloween is a night enjoyed by adults and kids alike, and as you and your family plan your All Hallow's Eve, what are some of the best neighborhoods in the Olympia area for trick-or-treating?


To find out, we asked our agents, who gave us a list of the best neighborhoods in our community to celebrate Halloween. 



Located down the road from The Evergreen State College, this neighborhood is a perfect place to take kids for their trick-or-treating. The tucked-away community is filled with beautifully constructed homes and sidewalks made for walking traffic. It may take a few minutes to get there, but the Cedrona will be well worth your time.

And a special bonus for the's a great neighborhood for large candy bars. 


South Capitol Neighborhood

It's only fitting that one of the oldest neighborhoods in Olympia is also one of the best to go with your kids for Halloween. Located in the shadow of the Capitol, there are plenty of small side streets filled with easy-access homes, and the residents take their Halloween responsibilities seriously. 

"South Capitol neighborhood is amazing," agent Rhyan Smith says. "It's a safe place to walk around with kids, and they give out great candy."


Tumwater Hill

Resting high above the rest of Olympia, Tumwater Hill has everything you could ask for in a good trick-or-treating neighborhood. The high-end homes are close enough that kids can hit numerous blocks in a short time, and the nice sidewalks allow for safe walking.
And before it gets too dark, you can even hit the nine-acre park, filled with trails and playground equipment.


Ken Lake

Located minutes away from the heart of Westside Olympia, this tight-knit Lakeside community is filled with unique homes and great neighbors. Sidewalks may be sparse, but Ken Lake is well known for its community events during the holidays, so quick moving through traffic won’t be a problem with all of the kids walking around the neighborhood. The path is also very well-lit, and the community members are always looking out for 
"Ken Lake is always so festive and welcoming," Megan Zahringer of the Watts Property Group says, "It’s exciting to see what the neighborhood will look like each year! It’s our family’s all-time favorite spot."
Nearly every house participates in the spectacle of Halloween, so you and your costumed kiddos are sure to find so the Candy you desire.


Written by: Greene