Selling your home? Curb appeal is where it’s at.

Sue Smith
Sue Smith May 25, 2022
curb appeal for your home

First impressions really are everything! Potential buyers will likely decide if they like the home before even walking in… in fact within 30 seconds of arriving at the property. That first impression sets the tone for buyers as they tour the home.

It’s not necessary to buy out your local nursery to impress potential buyers, although if the time of year is right and budget allows, adding some colorful plants to your landscape will impress. 

Here is a quick list of some important things to keep in mind:

  • Trim larger plants 1-2’ away from house, this looks tidy as well as allowing buyers to view the siding and foundation of the home. If you don’t have a green thumb consider hiring a landscaper or doing some internet research on the type of plants needing to be pruned 
  • Remove all unnecessary debris or items from yard and keep yard decor to a minimum to prevent a cluttered appearance. 
  • Mow the day before photos are taken and maintain as much as possible. 
  • Trim edges & install edging to define flower beds as well as weed beds removing weeds by the roots. 
  • Fresh bark isn’t always needed and can hide poorly weeded beds so buyers may be leery. 
  • Clean siding, dust cobwebs especially around the entrance of the home.  Use an appropriate cleaner if there is moss or mildew on siding, walkways and driveways. Clean roof of any debris including moss. Consider a vendor if this isn’t something you usually do. 


Contact me for a home visit, I can assist with vendors if needed and help prioritize projects to make that first impression everlasting. 


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Sue Smith
Written by: Sue Smith