#GRGAgentProfile | 21 | Rhonda Olnick

Greene January 16, 2019
Rhonda Olnick


Meet Rhonda Olnick. Rhonda was born and raised in Olympia and she has been working in real estate for 16 years. Rhonda is one of four agents in the Pacific Partners real estate group and finds working as a team very rewarding.

“There is strength in a team. Our first impression and image is very important to us at Pacific Partners.”

Rhonda has a genuine and honest approach to both real estate transactions and relationships. She was a member of the group that helped save the LBA Woods.  When she learned that the woods in her neighborhood were threatened with the potential of serious development, Rhonda and her neighbors banded together to save the woods.

“Working with LBA proved to me that a small group of people can really make a huge difference.”

When Rhonda isn’t working, you can find her watching her sons’ sporting events or at home taking care of her garden and her bees. Rhonda is also volunteer for the Olympia Parks Commission, and when she’s not working on allotting budgets and cleaning up parks, she is out there enjoying them.

“Parks are my thing. When my kids were little, it was always fun determining which park we’d be going to every weekend.”

You’ll find Rhonda zipping around town for her clients or out on the trails. If you want someone who will give you honesty and insight on the local market and work well on your team, give Rhonda a call at 360.280.1213 or send her an email at Rhondaolnick@greenerealty.com.

Written by: Greene