#GRGcommunity | Change

Whether it’s been scrolling through facebook, swiping through Instagram or binging YouTube videos, you’ve probably seen some changes to the “look” of Greene Realty Group. Don’t ...

February 28

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First Time Home Buying 101

#GRGoffice | First Time Home Buying 101

“I would love to own a home…but I don’t even know where to begin.” This is the statement I hear most often once I tell people what I do for a living. We live in a time where there ...

Danielle Williams

GRGAgentProfile | 29 | Danielle Williams

#GRGAgentProfile Meet Danielle Williams, she was born and raised in Salisbury Maryland but spent time enjoying the beaches of Florida and the sun of Arizona before settling down ...

Last Minute Summer Fun

#GRGcommunity | Last Minute Summer Fun

With the weather the way it is, many of us are all thinking the same thing… don’t believe it though. Summer is not over. Not yet. It may have been extraordinarily drizzly this ...

Why Thurston County?

#GRGcommunity | Why Thurston County?

727 square miles. Over 220,000 residents. 60 miles from Seattle. 100 miles from Portland. From Mount Rainer to the Puget Sound.   Thurston County is far more than meets the eye. ...

Leveraging Community

#GRGcommunity | Leveraging Community

How can we best serve the community that we live in? What’s my role in community? What is community’s role in my life? These are the questions that a lot of us ask ourselves, ...

Micki Holden-Cooper

GRGAgentProfile | 27 | Micki Holden-Cooper

#GRGAgentProfile Meet Micki Holden-Cooper, a true Northwest native and University of Washington grad, she has called Olympia home for the past 25 years. Much of Micki’s ...

Cutters Point Community Story

Cutters Point Community Story

  #GRGCommunity We had time to interview Mr. Rhyan Smith, the owner of Cutters Point Coffee for a Community Story. Rhyan and his wife Kari were both born and raised here in ...