#GRGcommunity | Why Thurston County?

Greene July 24, 2019
Why Thurston County?

727 square miles. Over 220,000 residents. 60 miles from Seattle. 100 miles from Portland. From Mount Rainer to the Puget Sound.


Thurston County is far more than meets the eye.

Not only is it home to the state capitol, the political epicenter of Washington State, but it is where almost a quarter of a million people choose to live, raise families, pursue careers, and come to escape the ever-expanding landscape of modern-day “busyness.” Unlike anything in the world, the Puget Sound sits nestled at the port of Olympia and helps make it one of the busiest ports in Washington. From Nisqually to Tenino, the amount of ecological diversity that exists in Thurston County is incredible. Thurston County really is the perfect balance between rural quiet and city bustle.

We believe Thurston County is one of the greatest communities in Washington; from the local businesses that call this home to the non-profits that work to support all of our residents, our region is a diverse community home to 220,000 people who this place special. Thurston County is a group effort, that produces some of the kindest, genuine people in the world, and if you’ve lived here for any period of time you know just how true that is.

So why Thurston County? Why choose to live here? If you haven’t already been convinced, take a minute to meet the people here and have them tell you! The community, and the environment that exists here is second to none. We here at Greene Realty wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t.

If you live here or have lived here, what made you choose Thurston County? Leave a comment, or reach out to us, we would LOVE to know your reason!

Written by: Greene