#GRGcommunity | Change

Greene February 28, 2020

Whether it’s been scrolling through facebook, swiping through Instagram or binging YouTube videos, you’ve probably seen some changes to the “look” of Greene Realty Group. Don’t worry you’re not going crazy, this change is very real and very purposeful! 

“Change comes with growth, and if nothing changes, everything gets left behind.” 

Why did we make a change? No, it’s not just because it looks good... although, that is a plus! In reality, to understand the change we first have to understand the concept of community. Community exists as a group of individuals that live symbiotically with one another. Giving, receiving, and sharing these interactions with others. The inherent nature of community and the community that we find ourselves in Thurston County and the greater PNW is that we are all human beings. Why does that matter? Human beings are not the most permanent structures. That truth means that communities grow too and change over time. This change is hopefully always positive and that’s how we see our new change at Greene. Our community is growing. New members coming in and older members who are moving on. Change comes with growth, and if nothing changes, everything gets left behind. Greene is vitally connected with the community and that’s one of the big reasons we needed a fresh new look. If Greene is doing a successful job, it will show in our connection with the community. If it grows, we grow.

“The State Capitol, the PNW, the Puget Sound, and everything green.”

Greene Realty Group has been around since 2005 and if you count our owner Jim Greene’s personal real estate career, it’s been around for a lot longer. In all of that time, the over 15 years of business, Greene has been connected to the community. To appreciate that relationship, we wanted to connect our brand to cornerstones of Thurston County and the greater PNW. The State Capitol, the PNW, the Puget Sound, and everything green. We’re proud of the beauty in where we live and the positivity in our communities. We want to better reflect that in how we look.

“...it’s all about community.”

Over the past few months we’ve updated how our digital presence looks, and we did it so that we can better reflect the growth that our communities are experiencing. We won’t be stopping at just digital updates though, this next year we plan on moving forward with our new look in all areas of our marketing! We hope you love the new look as much as we do, and if you do, let us know! We’ll always be connected with the relationships we build because at the end of the day, it's all about community.

Written by: Greene