#GRGAgentProfile | 8 | Tim Lynch

Greene July 11, 2018
Tim Lynch


Meet Tim Lynch, a true Olympia local his entire life. Tim grew up in Olympia and attended Black Hills High School. Shortly after high school, Tim moved around from different colleges, maintaining different types of employment until he joined the Navy, where he spent 6 years, with a year deployed in Guantonimo Bay. This is where he realized he wanted to finish school, so he obtained his bachelor's degree, and ultimately his master's degree in business. He then moved back to Olympia and worked for the state until becoming a realtor at Van Dorm in 2014. He moved to Greene Realty Group shortly after in 2017, about the same time he had his child Walker with his wife. He’s driven to support his family which is why he loves real estate.

“Being a dad and supporting the family is similar to real estate because you’re in relationships with people. Getting to know not only your clients but also getting to know what will meet their needs and their families, that subsequently helps my family. It’s all about support.”

Tim’s number one passion is spending time with his family. He believes that life is best experienced with others, so he’s always motivated to support his family and to have the time to spend with them. Raising a child can be a lot of hard work, but for Tim, it’s an amazing opportunity to spend the time with people you love.

“I love getting to experience life. Our biggest passion is spending time together as a family because you’re never gonna get that back.”

Transition to Greene Realty Group has also been great for Tim, he loves the atmosphere and the comradery that is the Greene culture. Being able to have that support and have those people that are working not for themselves but for everyone involved is really important to Tim, and it’s something Greene Realty understands and strives for as well.

“This office is so welcoming and open that it’s been very easy and very important to my family and myself. The things that this office, that Jim provides to us realtors is amazing. He sets us all up and it saves us an immense amount of time that translates into greater success.”

You’ll find Tim around Thurston County traveling, camping, and spending time with his family. He’s always friendly and open to talk, and he always has his cell phone, so if you have any questions about real estate or just want to say hello, give him a ring! 360.789.7890, tim@timlynchhomes.com

Written by: Greene