#GRGAgentProfile | 19 | Matt Perkins

Greene December 5, 2018
Matt Perkins


Meet Matt Perkins. Matt is proud to be born and raised here in Olympia. Matt has been working in real estate for 13 years, working with both residential resale as well as new construction. He very strong connections to the building industry and often gets the opportunity to work with brand new houses and developments.

“Real estate is something I really do enjoy. I really like the transaction process and helping people, and I like that every transaction is different.”

Matt married his wife Alesha in 1995 and they have three great kids; Josh, Jacob and Riley. They also have one adorable Boston Terroir puppy named Ozzie. Matt loves being able to spend time with his family, and is happy that his real estate career allows for it.

“I think that my personal schedule is just as important as my work schedule. They battle sometimes, but I feel like it’s pretty balanced. That’s what I appreciate really about this business.”

When Matt isn’t working, he’s either with his family or helping around the community. He coaches his daughter’s local girls’ basketball team four days a week, which keeps him busy. Matt serves on the board of trustees for the Olympia School District Education Foundation and also volunteers at Capital High School and Jefferson Middle School.

“I love doing things with our school district that help our community, help our kids and their families.”

You’ll find Matt around town with his family or helping the community. If you want someone who is committed to representing you to the fullest and giving you their all, give Matt a call at 360.584.6759 or send him an email at Mattperkins@greenerealty.com.

Written by: Greene