#GRGAgentProfile | 18 | Eric Hjelm

Greene June 18, 2020
Eric Hjelm


Meet Eric Hjelm. Eric has been an Olympia resident for 50 years and is in his 35th year of real estate. An experienced veteran, his energy is still undeniable. Eric approaches every day at Greene Realty with a zest and excitement that is truly refreshing.

“It’s a fun business, you never know what to expect. Every day is different.”

Eric has the advantage of being able to keep his family close, with his wife, Kitty as his assistant, and his children Justin and Carlee working as agents here at Greene Realty. With a bit of his mentoring, both of his children have made names for themselves in the Thurston County real estate industry.

When Eric isn’t working, he takes advantage of all the Pacific Northwest has to offer. He enjoys skiing (both water and snow), camping, boating and traveling. The Hjelm family are also die hard Seattle Seahawks fans, so when fall rolls around, you can expect them to be cheering on the hawks every Sunday, Thursday or Monday.

After 35 years in real estate, Eric has many stories to share about previous real estate experiences. He has seen everything from potentially haunted houses to meeting his real “Cousin Vinny”.

“I was talking to the agent and I said, 'I just wanted to say that your buyer’s name is my mother’s maiden name, but she grew up back in Missouri.' and the agent said, 'well that’s funny because that’s exactly where my client is from…. ' And all of a sudden, we had a new blend of family that we didn’t have before!”

You’ll either find Eric working hard or playing hard. If you’re looking for a real estate agent that you can trust, and will take care of you like you’re part of his family, give Eric a call at 360.791.2818 or send him an email at erichjelm@greenerealty.com.

Written by: Greene