#GRGAgentProfile | 15 | Peggy Williams

Greene November 7, 2018
Peggy Williams


Meet Peggy Williams. Peggy grew up in Seattle as one of the middle children of 9 and instead of competing for her family position, she quickly found that connecting common interests yield much more success and happiness. Peggy has since distilled this ideal and applies it to almost every aspect of her life.

“I like the relationship part of real estate the most”

Peggy graduated from Central Washington University with an Education degree and finds joy educating and encouraging children to be the best they can be. She has previously worked as both a substitute and full time teacher all around the world, from Griffin School District to Okinawa, Japan.

Peggy’s husband Brian was an Air Force pilot for about 20 years, so she spent much of her early life traveling and living the life of a military spouse. She has called many places around the United States and also served a 4-year assignment in Okinawa, Japan, where Peggy explored all around the Pacific, including the Philippines, Australia and climbing Mt. Fuji.

“We have lived so many different places, and when you’re in the military, you’re meeting so many different people, you have to make friends with everyone you can.”

Now, with four kids, Peggy’s life has become much more rooted. She has lived on Summit Lake for the last 25 years and become an engrained part of the community. All four of her children have or will attend both Griffin School and Capital High School and three of them are now out of the house.

Peggy is a positive and funny person to talk to who also has some great insight on the local market and what it’s like to relocate. Give Peggy a call at 360.791.8765 or send her an email at Peggywilliams@greenerealty.com

Written by: Greene