#GRGAgentProfile | 12 | Lauren Maguire

Greene August 17, 2018
Lauren Maguire



Meet Lauren Maguire

born in Florida, raised in Olympia Washington, she is one of the most enthusiastic agents at Greene Realty Group. Her vibrant and positive attitude makes her a ray of sunshine wherever she goes, which not only helps her enjoy life, but also helps encourage those around her.

Lauren was born in Jacksonville Florida but moved to Washington when she was about 6-years-old and although travels back to Florida often, has made Washington her home. Before real estate, Lauren managed a small coffee shop, enjoying seeing the regular customers that would come through. Lauren had the desire get into interior design, so she stopped selling coffee and began to research what interior design might look like for her. Realizing she didn’t know exactly where to start, she got interested in real estate. A family friend needed some help at another real estate firm, but shortly after, her friend Eric Hjelm suggested she move to Greene to become a full-time realtor. After two very serious interviews, Lauren started working for Greene.

“I’ve been here for 3 years now, it’s been really great. I think for whatever reason, having people person skills really helps me in real estate. I just try to be there whenever my clients need me.”

Lauren’s greatest passion is people. As strange as that might sound, she loves interacting with people. She’s an incredibly open, and positive person its no wonder that she can put a smile on anyone’s face. One of the ways Lauren likes to experience people is cooking and hosting a party.

“I love hosting. Being around all of my family and friends as one is my goal. I always tell people, collect moments and not things.”

Enjoying the little things is just a part of Lauren’s life. If you ever see her in town, or if you have real estate questions or needs, please feel welcome to contact her. 360.280.5675 or laurenmaguire@greenerealty.com, are the best ways to contact her. Don’t be a stranger, Lauren sure won’t be.

Written by: Greene