Cutters Point Community Story

Greene March 18, 2019
Cutters Point Community Story



We had time to interview Mr. Rhyan Smith, the owner of Cutters Point Coffee for a Community Story. Rhyan and his wife Kari were both born and raised here in Olympia, Washington, and they moved back to the area about 13 years ago to raise their family. Ryhan was very exciting to interview, he had great energy and very thoughtful responses to our questions. We loved seeing the inner workings of Cutters Point, and meeting the staff members that mean so much to the business.

Hiring Kindness

Rhyan and Kari are really looking to make a difference in people’s lives, and they have found that the best way to do that is to hire kindness. The staff members that work at Cutters Point are naturally kind people and they really do make a difference every time you stop in to pick up a coffee.

“Either you’re kind, and you like to serve people, or you’re not. And so we look for kind people”

Because of Rhyan and Kari, Cutters Point Coffee is a shining example of a family business and the family really extends through the entire staff. They often have staff members over for dinners, holiday celebrations and other events, and they have found that the family inclusiveness has only improved the quality of service at Cutters Point. One example of this is a staff person who worked at a Cutters Point location near Saint Martin’s College. She is now a dentist in Spokane, and she sent Rhyan a note expressing that she wanted to model her dental practice after the way that Rhyan modeled the business practice at Cutters Point.

“That really was such a gift to us”

If you have some free time, think about stopping by a Cutters Point location for a coffee and a conversation. I promise that the kindness will set your experience apart.

Written by: Greene