Continuing the Spirit of Giving

Greene January 14, 2019
Continuing the Spirit of Giving


With the holidays behind us, it’s easy to move on from the feeling of community and charity that seemed so effortless during the season of giving. If one of your New Year’s resolutions that you made was to help your community more this year, there are opportunities available to us every day to improve the communities that we live in. The only thing that’s required to help your community is the ability to recognize it.

The most important part of helping your community is knowing where the need really is.

The most important part of helping your community is knowing where the need really is. Recently, Rebekah Graham of Catholic Community Services reached out to her friends and family to assist an elderly veteran, who had been having trouble with his washing machine. Andi Springer, an agent here at Greene Realty Group, saw that need, reached out to Rebekah, and did something to help.

Home Depot was responsible for the first donation, the installation of drain tubing for this man’s laundry appliances. Unfortunately, just after the installation, the washing machine broke down. This is where Andi Springer heard about this gentleman’s recent misfortune and began working to make sure people in her community were not forced to wash their clothes by hand.

Right away, Andi reached out to all of her Facebook friends, and the hunt for a new washer was on. After some careful coordination, and a streak of luck, Andi got a washing machine lined up. A few more phone calls and she had some friends to help her move it as well. After everything was said and done, Andi and Rebekah, with the help of their friends and family, had the washing machine moved and installed in just a couple of days.

“It took some time and looking around, but we finally found the perfect washing machine for this gentleman, and once everything came together, it felt great.”

Whether it’s something as big as a washing machine, or as small as a smile, remember that we make up the community that we wish to see. Often times, if you’re looking to give back to your community, with a little bit of creativity, you won’t have to look far. Thank you to everyone in our community that does go above and beyond to make our area as unique and wonderful as it is.

Bob and Shannon helping move the new washing machine

Written by: Greene