A Greene Story | 6 | Fireworks At Boston Harbor

Greene July 2, 2018
Fireworks At Boston Harbor in Olympia


“I think one of the greatest nights of the year is the 3rd of July at Boston Harbor Marina. Whether you’re on the shore or out on the boats, its some of the greatest vibes in Thurston County.”

Justin Hjelm

Justin has been celebrating the summer festivities at Boston Harbor Marina on the 3rd for just about 10 years now. Unlike most other 4thof-July celebrations, Boston Harbor chooses to celebrate Independence Day on the 3rd. Thousands of people gather together each year within about a half square mile at the Boston Harbor Marina celebrate community and enjoy the festivities.

Justin, along with family and friends head out from Olympia on their boats and meet at Boston Harbor where they throw down their anchors and “raft-up” together creating a line of 4 or 5 boats side by side. Together they watch the incredible firework show put together by the community.

“The show, I felt, has rivaled Lake Fair some years. It’s really well done, and it’s always a good time.”

For many people around the community this 3rd of July tradition at Boston Harbor is the true kickoff of summer. It’s a place where everyone in the community can interact with one another, share a drink, share a laugh, and relax from the everyday stresses of life to enjoy a beautiful display of fireworks that represent the greatest parts of what make the Thurston County community what it is today.

“It’s one of those nights that makes the 3 months of winter worth it.”

Maybe Boston Harbor Marina on the 3rd of July is a tradition that you’ve had for years, or maybe you’ve never even been. Either way, come hangout, and say hello to Justin and all of us at the office that will be there!

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Written by: Greene