A Greene Story | 5 | Dreams Do Come True in Olympia

Greene June 25, 2018
Dreams Do Come True


It’s not very common to find the perfect property. That moment when you find what you’ve been dreaming about for months and it’s within your budget, and you sign the paperwork and it’s yours. It’s not everyday you get to buy your dream home, BUT… when you do get to buy your absolute perfect home, it’s a celebration.

It’s also a celebration for your real estate agent who worked with you in finding your dream home, and for Ben Gaubert, it was a very happy celebration. Most buyer’s agents have the goal to find their clients “dream home,” but there’s seldom opportunity to do so given the many reasons people buy and sell houses, either a seller is set on a price that’s simply too high for the market, or the buyer expects to find their dream home without ever having enough funds to do so.

Ben Gaubert, a Greene Realty Group real estate agent, understands this but has never once backed down from his personal goal in finding each and every client their dream home. Earlier this past year Ben accomplished his goal. He found one of his clients perfect home. He said the experience has helped to encourage him and been an example of why he loves what he does.

“It’s so nice having a transaction go through and your clients are ready to cheer and scream they’re so excited to get the keys to their house. It’s a really great experience helping people find their dream home, and it’s so encouraging to continue what I do.”

As a real estate agent in Olympia, Ben Gaubert  knows the ups and downs of buying and selling but this experience not only for his clients but for himself was pure joy. A perfect process, and a perfect conclusion. It’s almost an envious experience to have as a real estate agent, knowing almost all other agents want the same thing but rarely have the opportunity.

At Greene, this is an occurrence that all of us strive to experience, and we do everything we can to make it happen. Although it simply doesn’t happen often, when it does we’re almost just as excited as our clients. 

Looking for home in Olympia?  Ben can show the community and help you find your dream home.  


Written by: Greene