A Greene Story | 10 | Intern Final Week

Greene July 30, 2018
Intern Final Week


I have now spent 12 weeks at Greene Realty Group, and as my time as the “summer intern” is fast approaching its end, I wanted to look back on what I have experienced here. Greene is a wonderful place. Never has a company lived by their motto more than Greene lives by “As Unique As The Northwest.”

When I first got here I was struck by how personable and friendly all the agents were, and how easy it was to talk with each other. It’s not something that comes naturally to a lot of companies and organizations, but at Greene it’s just in the heart of everyone. After 3 months, I realized I have not only created great business colleagues, but also fostered genuine friendships.

There’s a little bit of everything at Greene. It took me longer to realize this, but it’s so apparent as I walk through the office. Everyone is a character. I see Greene as a forest. Everything in the forest is made up of thousands of different organisms yet they all make up the environment by interacting with one another and existing among one another. It’s so similar to the type of agents and employees at Greene.

I’ve also laughed. A lot. Nearly everyone in the office has made me laugh at some point or another this summer. I’ve been so lucky to have had the opportunity to sit down and talk with a lot of the agents here and to hear their stories while creating the #GRGAgentProfiles, and all the other fun things I had the opportunity to do.

It’s been an amazing experience, and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity. Greene Realty Group will always be a family for me. From business profiles at Panowicz, to Lakefair with Quint, even office meetings every Thursday, it was all just a blast! If you haven’t yet met someone at Greene Realty, I implore you, please stop by the office and say hello. I promise, you’ll be happy you did.

Written by: Greene