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We aim to be “As Unique As The Northwest” and we carry this throughout our culture here at Greene Realty. What makes us and our agents unique is the atmosphere of our office and how that atmosphere is directly related to who we let work for us. At the end of the day, Greene Realty is not the building, the level of service we provide, or our marketing. It is the people we have here. The personalities of this office fill it with positivity, approachability, and generosity. Internally, we are a family who has each others backs. We believe that by providing our clients with boutique, end-to-end level service, we can be a catalyst for our clients' prosperity within their communities. This gives our clients the peace of mind they need to spend their time and energy on what they find most important in life.

Greene Realty Office Culture
Involved in Olympia Community


Our agents display selfless qualities and are very involved heavily within their communities. We only sign on agents who have deep history in the area in which they serve. Check out our agent pages to see for yourself!

We partner with other local small businesses to tell their stories, grow our professional networks, and utilize each other's strengths for the health of our local community. Just check out our community stories below to see for yourself! We greatly value serving one another and giving more than we take. We love working with members of our community who have the same values!



Jim Greene is a well-established local resident who has the reputation of being a hard-working, courteous professional. Jim is a graduate of Washington State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration. Jim owned and operated the Mountain Greens Golf Range from 1992-1994, and then started his real estate career in 1994. Jim is married to wife Shawni, with one daughter, Charli Ann, and son, Peyton. Jim was named the Olympia/Thurston County Association of Realtors 2004 Realtor of the Year. He opened Greene Realty Group in 2005. His is a part of South Sound Partner’s 2010 Family of the Year. Jim has aligned Greene Realty’s focus on quality transactions with boutique-level service to all of their clients. Jim currently supports his staff as owner and designated broker of Greene Realty in the pursuit of superior client care and attention to detail.
Greene Realty Leadership


Greene Realty has deep roots in Thurston County as this is where it all started back in 2005. Jim Greene, our owner, ventured off from another brokerage to start his own as he continued to grow his business to new heights in the early 2000's. Slowly but surely, agents kept asking Jim if they could come be an agent for him. Greene Realty Group is now a real estate brokerage filled with a talented & knowledgeable full time staff who stand by their 45+ agents, their agents’ clients, and the local community with integrity and thoughtfulness for their unique needs and best interests.

We take pride in our agents. The quality of our agents is what makes Greene Realty so successful and renowned throughout Thurston County. Each agent who works at Greene Realty Group must meet performance standards which not only benefits their clients, but everyone who works for Greene Realty as well. Our agents are committed to bettering their community and are involved in numerous civic groups and local boards. They have extensive knowledge of the community and are well connected with those who have lived here for years. Our agents don’t just lead you through a transaction, they aim to create a relationship with you and ensure you are settled properly even after their business with you has settled.

We have three divisions within our company that specialize in residential, commercial and property management. These divisions handle properties with attention to detail and a clear understanding of the unique demands of each.

Agents at Greene Realty Group combine for over 400 years of Real Estate experience and have extensive knowledge in residential, waterfront, land development, new construction, commercial and rental properties.

You will find our office building to be warm and inviting with a Northwest flair. We are always fully equipped to grow with the latest technology and constantly adapt to the ever-changing market. Located just off of Harrison Avenue in West Olympia, just a couple blocks away from Capitol Mall.


We Are...

Educated Advisors

We are educated advisors, whose intentions are to establish you within a tailored community that compliments your needs. Our professional experiences and networks make us someone whom you can put your faith in. Our agents frequently take NWMLS classes, attend internal round tables & office meetings, not to mention seeking out their own education online via other sources, to continuously sharpen their skills.

Community Investors

We are prosperity concierges whose intentions are to bring boutique, personalized real estate experience to everyone while actively investing in the communities in which we are living and conducting business within. On average, we donate 10k a year to local charities and non-profits via the Greene Giving Fund with an 82% office participation rate. The vast majority of our agents and staff serve on local boards & volunteer with local organizations practicing an appreciation for and willingness to serve others.

Integrity Driven

We have the utmost respect for our clients and anyone we conduct business with. We always take the high road and lead within our professional and personal communities by example. We believe that our business prospers when we do the right thing, and we aim to do the right thing every time. We want to rise above the tree-line in our community and believe we have held ourselves up to that vision. Just ask around.

Relational Communicators

We are prolific communicators who educate and enable our clients to make informed decisions from a place of comprehensive understanding. Proper communication, in the form in which you are most comfortable, is one of if not the most important consideration a real estate agent should adapt to on your behalf. We believe taking the extra step to understand your past experiences, your current situation, and your hopes and dreams, only helps us to better serve you.

Relentless Fighters

We are gladiators for you in the fight to sell your property or help you land your offer on a new one. All of our agents are skilled negotiators and have taken negotiation classes and have learned techniques from other agents within our office. Let us fight for you too!
Educated Real Estate Advisors
Invested in Olympia Community
Real Estate Integrity Driven
Relational Agents in Thurston County
Relentless Real Estate Agents

Meet Our Staff


Kris Gulbranson

Transaction Coordinator

Nanette Stewart

Listing Coordinator

Mike Pratt

Property Management Broker

Lisa Morehead

Property Management Assistant

Kristi Lindberg

Office Assistant

Joshua Heath

Marketing Manager

Philip Kerrigan

Community Engagement Director

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